Family Tree Template for Young Kids

How to fill out a family tree template for childrenFamily Tree Template for young kidsColoring book free family tree for kids

Free coloring book style family tree templates for children.  This simple family tree can be colored and filled in by kids.  It’s a great way to learn about their family.  I’ve included in this post a very simple family tree for small children that they can color and fill in their family history.

This is great because you can print them out and they can color them in and fill in their family members names.  I’ve included a sample family tree so you can show them how they are supposed to be filled out.  Once kids get interested and they’ve filled out the basic information that this template requires they’ll get excited and want to fill out one of our larger family trees so they can trace their family roots.  This really is a great way to get young kids interested in a great project for the whole family or class.

Use these simple family tree template for young kids, our interviewing question list and our more comprehensive family trees to create a great  ongoing, educational project.  Download and print all of these out for free and get your kids started on a fun family project in minutes.

Check back regularly we’re adding new custom drawn family tree templates here EVERY WEEK!  I have several artists working on a variety of different templates.  There will be templates that appeal to the whole family.  Right now I have a couple of young artists drawing family tree templates specifically for teens.

Start Your Free Family Tree

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  1. Mary says:

    I really like the Family Tree template with the family (You, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Baby Brother, Mom and Dad) on it. I would like to use the template for a poster and flyers for a genealogy event I am having. Can I buy the template with a higher resolution?

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